Black Beauty - vegan 75mm heels

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- Ethically certified as 100% vegan by PETA
- Enjoy maximum comfort with our soft step system
- Experience fast drying and superior moisture absorption with our specialized lining
- Easy-to-clean upper material ensures hassle-free maintenance
- Expertly handmade in Poland for quality craftsmanship
- Environmentally conscious: 100% recyclable design

IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING SIZING: Please be aware that our shoes follow the European fit, so we recommend to use our sizing chart before ordering. If you are in between 2 sizes, we recommend ordering the bigger size. 

- Upper Material: Crafted from vegan leather with at least 26% apple waste
- Inner Lining: Utilizes vegan microfiber lining made from recycled PET and at least 20% corn fiber
- Inner Sole: Incorporates breathable foam from latex for superior comfort
- Heel: Features a steel core with plastic support for durability
- Sole: Made with a flexible thunit sole for comfort and stability
- Heel Height: Available in three options - 95 mm, 75 mm, and 55 mm

For additional details about our sustainable materials, please visit our materials page.

Enhance Your Wardrobe with Classic Handmade Vegan Heels with a 75mm heel

Elevate your style with these exquisite handmade vegan heels, an essential addition to any fashion-forward woman's closet. Designed to impeccably complement your professional attire or add a touch of sophistication to your party wear or casual outfit, these heels offer timeless elegance for any occasion.

Crafted from the finest vegan leather available, our heels prioritize both style and sustainability. The ultra-soft vegan leather not only exudes luxury but also upholds ethical standards. You can wear them with confidence, knowing they are cruelty-free.

Comfort takes center stage with these vegan shoes. The lining boasts exceptional moisture absorption capabilities, ensuring a dry and comfortable experience throughout the day or night. Plus, it dries quickly, so your feet stay dry even in the most fast-paced situations.

For an added layer of comfort, the insole is constructed from latex, providing a plush and supportive cushion for your feet. Whether you're on your feet all day at the office or dancing the night away, these heels keep you feeling pampered.

The flexible thunit sole enhances the overall comfort of these heels. Its adaptability ensures that every step you take is effortless and comfortable. This innovative sole material not only provides comfort but also ensures durability and longevity, making these vegan pumps a wise investment for your footwear collection.

Upgrade your style and embrace ethical fashion with these timeless, handcrafted vegan pumps. Elevate your look, support cruelty-free fashion, and experience unparalleled comfort with every step. Discover the perfect blend of style, sustainability, and comfort today.