Vegan & eco-friendly


Welcome to Empress of Heels, your destination for the finest vegan heels that seamlessly blend style and sustainability. We are passionate about crafting luxurious footwear that not only elevates your fashion but also champions animal friendly and eco-conscious living. Our dedication to animals and the environment is evident in every facet of our product, from materials to production processes. Explore how we’re making a difference:


At Empress of Heels, we pride ourselves on meticulously crafting our vegan heels using only the highest quality, sustainable materials available. Our commitment to sustainability extends to sourcing all materials and packaging within Europe, significantly reducing the carbon footprint associated with transportation. This approach also allows us to monitor our suppliers, ensuring both sustainability and ethical treatment of workers.

Our vegan heels feature innovative, apple-based vegan leather, incorporating a minimum of 25% apple waste. This groundbreaking material not only delivers elegance but also significantly reduces CO2 emissions during production when compared to traditional PU leather. Plus, our supplier operates with 100% green energy, guaranteeing eco-friendly craftsmanship.

Our flexible heels are expertly crafted from thunit, a remarkable material that closely rivals natural leather in terms of flexibility, workability, abrasion resistance, and water resistance. The factory producing thunit operates on solar panels, and all leftover materials are conscientiously reused in the production process.

Empress of Heels takes pride in offering sustainable heels with linings made from a blend of microfiber infused with corn starch and recycled polyester fibers from textile waste. This unique combination results in a breathable and moisture-absorbing material, all while reducing CO2 emissions by an impressive 63% and energy consumption by 40% during the production process.

Empress of Heels proudly bears the PETA-approved vegan label, symbolizing our unwavering commitment to animal-friendly products. Our suppliers pledge not to use any animal products during materials production, ensuring that our vegan heels are truly 100% vegan.

Our insoles offer unparalleled comfort, thanks to latex sponge. The latex is responsibly sourced and produced in an Italian factory that adheres strictly to chemical composition and waste management standards.

By sourcing all our materials within Europe, we reduce the environmental impact of our products while maintaining a vigilant eye on sustainability and ethical practices among our suppliers.

Empress of Heels invites you to step into a world where fashion meets eco-consciousness. Elevate your style with our luxurious vegan and sustainable heels, and join us in reducing our fashion footprint.

This is where our shoes are made


Handmade Excellence

At Empress of Heels we do not only care about fashionable and beautiful vegan heels, but also about the way our vegan leather heels are made. We are proud that every pair of our vegan and sustainable heels are made in a small, family-owned factory near Krakow, Poland. With almost a century of experience with crafting shoes and a huge passion for shoes and materials, the most beautiful high heels are made. 

Besides making gorgeous shoes, the facility utilizes solar panels to minimize CO2 emissions and guarantees a safe working environment, fair wages, and generous holidays for all employees.

Minimize our footprint


Have you fallen head over heels for our vegan heels, but concerns about our packaging are on your mind? Rest assured, we’ve taken eco-friendly steps to address that very issue! All our packaging materials are thoughtfully made from recycled paper and cardboard.

Our card board shoe boxes are designed for easy disassembly and our shipping bags are made exclusively from 100% recycled paper. Easy to recycle again! 

You won’t find any plastic in our packaging materials and the courier services we partner with are dedicated to delivering your order with minimal CO2 emissions. So, go ahead and order your favorite footwear; we’re committed to sending them to you in an environmentally friendly way.