I am not an artist

I'm a fashion designer

of vegan heels

Birgit Sas-Sundquest

My passion for shoes, high heels in particular, is innate. After years of working in business services, I could finally live my dream: design and sell my own vegan heels!
All shoes are made of sustainable and vegan materials. Because I do not only care about the quality of the used materials, but also the way my heels are made, I work with an Italian company to produce them.

Vegan heels for every woman

Handmade vegan heels for every woman

All heels in our collection are handmade. Because we care about the environment, Empress of Heels works with an Italian shoemaker company. In an idyllic village on the Adriatic coast, professional and experienced shoemakers are producing the most beautiful and fashionable heels. By working with them, we do not only stay away from big factories and child labor, but also support local family businesses in Europe. Whether you are a lover of pumps or a stylish ankle boot, there’s a perfect pair for every woman. Feel strong, powerful and uber-feminine with a stylish pair of handmade heels. Empress, on heels.



Vegan heels Empress of Heels
Vegan Heels by Birgit Sundquest

Made of sustainable materials

By buying a pair of vegan heels from Empress of Heels, you minimize your global footprint. That way, you are not only shopping your heart out and complementing your shoe collection, but you are also contributing to a better world by switching to recyclable, vegan shoes that are produced in a more ecologically responsible manner. To clarify, all heels in our collection are made of sustainable, vegan materials, think of corn, recycled PET bottles and stainless steel. And yes babe, even our shoe boxes and shipping bags.

it's vegan

Keep your heels, head & standards high

Coco Chanel


Handmade & Vegan

Vegan heels by Birgit Sundquest