All heels in our boutique are made of the best vegan materials. For every part of the shoe, the most sustainable materials and production processes are considered. The upper of the shoe is made of a mixture of corn fiber and recycled PET bottles. The inside of the shoe is also made of recycled PET bottles and corn fiber. Produced in a way that they provide better moisture absorption than regular leather, which enhances the comfort of the shoes. Both the inside and outside of the shoes are fully recyclable and produced in a sustainable manner.

Moreover, the soles are made of thunit. Which is made in a green factory that has optimized the entire production process, so that the production of the shoes burdens the environment as little as possible and the residual material is reused. Also the soles are fully recyclable. The heel itself is made of a steel core with a plastic shell, also produced in a factory that has optimized the entire production process. The insole and toe- and heel reinforcements are made of recycled cardboard. The insole is reinforced with stainless steel. Also fully recyclable, of course.

Empress of heels vegan pumps
Vegan leather high heels

This is where our shoes are made


All our vegan leather heels are produced in a small idyllic village on the Adriatic Coast of Italy. Because we do not only care about fashionable and beautiful vegan heels, but also about the way our vegan leather heels are made, we work with an Italian shoemaker company. With more than 40 years of experience with crafting shoes and a huge passion for shoes, the most beautiful vegan heels are made. 

Vegan it is
Vegan leather Heels at Empress of Heels, sustainably produced
Vegan leather heels, shop now at Empress of Heels


Fell in love with a pair of vegan leather heels? Don’t worry, all our packing- and shipping materials are not harmful to the environment. All heels are shipped in shippings bags of recycled paper. The shoe boxes are made of coardboard with a FSC quality mark. The boxes are equipped with a magnetic closure, so you can reuse them for multiple purposes. In this way we can have a beautiful package, but the packaging is not harming the environment.

Give a girl the right vegan shoes and she can conquer the worLD